How Orofacial Harmonization can benefit from the use of CBD

It is no longer news that Cannabis has been used successfully in the treatment of various diseases.

But did you know that the topical use of this substance, in the form of balm and serum, is also an ally in orofacial pairing procedures?

Studies prove the benefits of topical use of Cannabis in facial harmonization and determine which Phyto cannabinoids can bring benefits to the face region, such as faster recovery, for example.

Cannabinoids indicated for dentistry

According to doctor Guilherme Martins, a pioneer dentist in Brazil in prescribing medicinal Cannabis in the area of ​​oral health, both CBD and THC are important in orofacial treatment, as both are psychoactive and act on the central nervous system.

He explains that Phyto cannabinoids have an important therapeutic role. CBG is a Cannabigerol widely used in pain relief. On the other hand, CBN, which is a degradation of the THC molecule, without psychotropic activity, is a Cannabinol, which has considerable sedative potential.

As it is a potent anti-inflammatory, Cannabis reduces the healing time of some procedures, providing a more assertive recovery, eliminating many side effects, and relieving pain. In addition, often the patient does not need to resort to allopathic medical treatments.


Bruxism involves involuntary patterns of clenching, grinding, or gnashing of teeth, most often at night. It is a common problem for many adults and children and according to the Canadian Sleep Society, approximately 8% of adults and close to 13% of children experience sleep bruxism.

Since one of the main causes of bruxism is anxiety and stress, during the pandemic, many people developed bruxism. Once again Cannabis has significant contributions in relieving symptoms that usually include headaches, earaches, and tooth sensitivity pain, either in the teeth or the jaws.

Cecilia Brown, director of dental services at Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida, says that beyond a night guard, there are a variety of treatment options that can reduce the frequency or harm caused by teeth grinding and among them Anti-anxiety medications, including CBD.

Cannabidiol, especially associated with other techniques, greatly contributes to the reduction of stress bruxism, both at night and during wakefulness. It acts directly on the receptors responsible for modulating anxiety, providing anxiolytic effects and consequently reducing teeth grinding.

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