Pretend this an Instagram poll on someone’s stories: is CBD for pets? YES OR NO?

CBD research concentrates on seizure control and pain management in pets.

The results showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity. And no observable side effects.

Is CBD for pets different than CBD for humans? Depends. We make oils for humans and dogs. And usually there’s no difference but our dear FDA insists on different labelling. It’d be either human drugs, food or dietary supplements.

A bit of trivia: pets can be intolerant to coconut based oil so we have to adapt and use grape seed oil extract instead.

While there’s no scientific data on using CBD to treat dogs, owners swear by it. According to them, it can treat pain (especially neuropathic), and helps control seizures. If you ever saw a dog having a seizure you know how horrific that it and you know you never want to see it again.

Due to anti-inflammatory properties, CBS is used for a few other benefits:

  • cardiac enhancement,
  • anti-nausea,
  • appetite stimulation,
  • anti-anxiety impact –
  • (possible) anti-cancer benefits.

See our featured products for pets.

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